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My Services

Something to Meet Every Need

Shared Table Consulting is your go-to for all you food system projects! We can help you with a diversity of food system projects. From helping you convert unused land land to an agriculture project to developing a value-added project. We help Non-profits and farms diversifying revenue. We offer a wide range of solutions to what ever problem you may be facing. We can help facilitate meetings to build alignment with your partners or board , or act as a presenter or trainer at your next conference or event.

We believe true change starts with building strong communities and networks. We provide guidance and support to help you create a network that puts mission before ego, fosters trust instead of control, and connects people to work together toward a common goal. We weave the importance of community into everything we do. Let us help you build a strong network to bring about true system change in your community today.


One on One Coaching

We are dedicated to helping our clients with whatever issues they may face, from specific projects to more general mentoring. This services is available from $50 to $350 per hr. ,on a sliding scale based on means. The first call is always free so reach out today to see if we can help.


Trainings or Facilitation

We provides a wide range of trainings and facilitation services to help bring your community together. Our skilled facilitators can help you have difficult conversations, bring in an outside perspective, and build your team. We offer our services both in person and online, so whether you need help with a large event or small gathering, we have you covered. We offer training on a wide range of topics including network development, strategic planning, finding your why, program development, fundraising, or movement building. Think of us next time you need a trainer or just want to build group alignment on strategic goals, and inspiring your team to dream big. Reach out to see if we are a good fit today.


Project Based Work

Project Based Consulting is the perfect service for non-profits looking for flexible, affordable assistance with their projects, delivering on a grant or developing a new program. Our team of experienced consultants are happy to help with projects big and small, and our fixed prices starting at just $500 make it easy to plan for your budget. Schedule a free consultation today to see how we can help your non-profit reach its goals.


Land Use Design

Do you have a land that you would like to use for an agriculture project? May be you want help laying out a hobby farm figuring out have to keep land zoned for agriculture we can help. Reach out for a free consultation today.


Leadership Transition Support

Our you a founder leaving ready to hand over control of your organization? Are you a board member who is trying to guide your organization into new leadership. Leadership transitions and difficult times for non-profits that can lead to the collapse of otherwise healthy organizations. You don't have to navigate these tricky waters alone, let us help.


Program Development

Do you have a great idea for program but don't know where to start? We can help flush out the details of the program, advise and support you in funding the project and even help you decide if forming your own 501c3 is right for you. schedule a free consultation today.

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