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November 2016- December 2022

Association of Gleaning Organizations 

As founder of this organization I am responsible for planning and executing an annual conference for gleaners held in a different city each year. I lead the members in forming a national association to strengthen the gleaning movement. Providing a host of services and mentoring to gleaners in North America

April 2021- January 2020

Executive Director, The Green Urban Lunch Box

Created and sustained this successful Non-Profit through exponential growth. With a focus on root causes versus symptoms, we have been able to increase access to fresh quality food for Salt Lake County and beyond. My primary responsibilities are to oversee the organization, empower staff, and grow our programs to increase our impact.


  • Created Back-Farms with the help of senior citizens in the community. The goal of the program is to address isolation and poor nutrition in seniors as well as provide the community with an opportunity to learn how to grow food. In addition to providing access to healthy food, this program offers a cross-generational connection and use for neglected space in our community.

  • Set up  the FruitShare program in such a way that its revenue model allows for increased sustainability as it grows. 

  • Created and maintained a farmer training program that empowers new farmers to start their own business.

  • Worked with partners to increase our reach through Free Farm Stands, running 8 per week.These markets provide fresh produce to underserved populations.

January 1995- February 1997

Project Leader, The HE Consulting Group

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